Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where to begin. I haven't been very good at blogging (obviously), but I have jumped in feet first to trying to use all the technology that has been shown in the class. It has definitely been more difficult doing it on my own, but it has been manageable. I am still sitting down to a new session at the computer and trying to re-remember, if you will, all the things I worked on the last time. It has been a lot of experimenting, trial and error and "how did I get to that again." I find I have to take notes and then try something and I am constantly referring back to my notes. I need some time to practice all these things and I just don't have time. I am getting ready to start to use some of these things in my classroom, but taking the time to plan for and integrate these tools is the tricky part. It seems the day to day stuff is taking over in my classroom and at home and there is not time to add anything new. So I am deciding I just have to jump in and sink or swim. I am having my students create a google account for homework tomorrow night. Then we are going to start a blog on some topics related to our Native American research including the questions "Why do we celebrate Columbus Day?" Did Columbus discover America?

I am then hoping to get all my students set up with an igoogle page.

Wow. It is just many more tools than I can manage right now. I am going to start with a few things at a time, but i can't let feeling overwhelmed stop me from getting something done.

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