Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day Four... Ready for More

Today should be another great day. The fact that I didn't want to leave yesterday kind of says it all. With 4 kids, it is hard to set aside the time at home to work on all of this. I am also always fighting for computer time. I am going to have to go wireless now because I know I am going to want to spend more time with this at home at night. I am looking forward to learning some new things today and becoming more comfortable with all that we have learned.


  1. I just successfully went wireless today and am using the laptop on my porch -- it's lovely! I can't imagine finding time to do all of this with four kids, too -- this single woman admires that immensely! And you're still planning to jump in on Day One with your students? Good for you! I'll be interested to hear more about it. Good luck going wireless!

  2. Yep, going wireless will change your life, Lynne. You'll be able to get in a closet and hide from the kids while you blog!!

  3. Both my husband and I sat out on our patio the other day with our laptops doing our work! We love our wireless.