Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day Three

I am looking forward to more confusion today, but confusion is good. It's like cleaning your room, it gets worse before it can get better. Having all these new tools will be good, but using them daily at home and school will be better. I know it will make my classroom and my teaching more effective. I am hoping it will really motivate the students to want to learn. I think that that is the key right now in education...motivating the kids to want to learn. It's not as important to me what the kids learn as that they want to learn. How do we make kids active learners who are developing habits that will help them be productive, happy and successful.


  1. Lynne - Go to

    It hasn't been updated since last year. My goal was to use it a resource for classes.


  2. That motivational part is important. My hope, too, is that they become motivated to learn, not to just "be on the laptop" which I think is sometimes an issue. The kids know how to use them socially-and that is their main motivation for using it-but I hope to work on that this year.

  3. Motivation is important, we need to be motivated to get our student's motivated . . . once we become more comfortable, then that comfort can be passed on to our students.