Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RSS feeds...FREE stuff is good

I think I've got it! Love when stuff is free. This one is going to take a while to navigate and figure out what I want to add to my reader. I went to a blog on math grants and there were so many posts and it had gone off on so many different tangents, that it wasn't actually on math grants at all and I couldn't find the post on math grants because there were just so many posts.

The last 3 hours have gone by so quickly, but I do feel more comfortable with RSS feeds and google reader. If I were at home, I would not have been able to spend this amount of time at the computer just exploring unless it was between 1:00 and 5:00am and those are typically the hours I like to be sleeping. Maybe I should just cut sleeping out of my daily routine. I did hear something when driving back from the Manchester Airport last evening about some people only needing 3 hours of sleep a night. That might be the answer to all my problems.

Bring on the caffeine!!!


  1. Lynne - I only get about 4-5hrs each night. Not always ideal but if I eat well it does work. Multi-tasking big time. Plus having the house so quiet at that time of day to work on the laptop is a plus as well.

    Steve F

  2. I don't think that the research supports 3-4 hours of sleep! I can appreciate the time or lack there of that you talk about. For me the hands on time is what cements the learning. Carving it out of an already busy schedule will be an issue!

  3. Actually, Lynne, I think you are discussing what many of our students do when they have access to computers. Many of them seem to get sucked into it in the evening till the wee hours of the night, then wonder why they don't do well in school. We actually had 2 students in the 8th grade last year where we could tell which nights they took their laptops home and which they didn't based on absences and tardies.
    At my age, I need my sleep.

  4. Lynne, lately I don't sleep at all because of this &$#%! thing called hormones!!! But, yesterday afternoon I was on my computer from 2:00 - 6:00. I won't have that time once school starts. I agree with you about figuring out what is important to place in the reader.

  5. I had the same problem when sorting through the feeds. I was looking for reading instruction, but all I was getting was a news feed that wasn't helpful. Another problem I ran into was that some feeds were not updated regularly, and some were over a year old . . . again, it is working through it all to get what you finally want.

  6. You've got a great start, Lynne. It won't take as much time each day if you can commit just a little to the things that you are most interested in. We've only touched on 3 so far...You may still have to chose, but doing any of it without enough sleep is counter-productive to me. You can always either snooze or blog during the Sox. And we may not have to worry about October...:(